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I will be adding daily examples of costs in Chiang Rai Thailand, pictures and facts, I will also cover the more general aspect's of setting up in Thailand for an extended amount of time from A-Z.
During the course of (31 pages - days) the topics listed below will be covered, with many others.
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The 5 most useful things I brought with me.

Olukai ohana sandals

Day 9: Living in Thailand

It�s rare I get a craving for Mc Donald�s it does come around about once a month though; prices are a little cheaper here than in America, the standard that you get in the West is just the same here. Chiang rai has a central shopping plaza where most all western brands can be found.

  • Mc Donalds Big Mac Meal 110 Baht - $3.70
  • Groceries 70 Baht - $2.35
Total for the day: 180 Baht $6.05 - Total Remaining: 3,865 Baht

Kids Love Ronald Mac Donald Horn Bill on Pangkor Island A Biawak in a drain in Malaysia

10 5 things I'm glad I brought with me!
I was initially going to talk about all those things I brought with me that have been totally indispensable. Apart from a laptop "I work online" nothing has been so important I could not have gone with out it. I did settle on 5 things that have made my life a lot better and would have been harder to get here in Thailand.

Top of the list has to be a smartphone, with Internet capabilities, the most useful function for me some kind of GPS or mapping facility, allowing me to explore easily.

You can get any phone unlocked and jail broken here for just a few dollars; an iPhone has worked well for me.

Even though flip-flops may not be part of your daily life in the West they are a basic necessity here, cheap ones will give you no support and could lead to injuries, these are something you cant spend too much on before leaving. I have a pair made by Olukai and they are still going strong after 18 months, worn 90% of the time. Ohana Sandals

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