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During the 31 days:

I will be adding daily examples of costs in Chiang Rai Thailand, pictures and facts, I will also cover the more general aspect's of setting up in Thailand for an extended amount of time from A-Z.
During the course of (31 pages - days) the topics listed below will be covered, with many others.
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Other one off expenses to consider.

my motorbike

Day 30: Living in Thailand

Nothing special today, a quick trip in to town for lunch and a visit to the local market. Tomorrow I have to make the 2 weekly trip to the border in Mae Sai and plan on going over into Myanmar for a while.

  • Groceries 110 Baht - $3.70
  • Lunch 25 Baht - 85cts
Total for the day: 135 Baht $4.55 - Total Remaining: -785 Baht.

decent bed linen 3000 baht stuff to prepare your own food office furniture

Things I have purchased here in Thailand, which enable me to live comfortably.
Even though these simple rooms are furnished, some even coming with a fridge and a TV. It is unlikely that you will find bed linen, or any type of other things, which will make life fairly normal. No kitchen utensils, coffeemaker, desk and chair. And there is transportation to consider. Chiang Rai has two shopping malls; so finding what you need is not going to be a problem. Some simple things to remember though. If it's made in Thailand it will be cheap, otherwise expect the same price as in the west or more.

Transportation is the big one, to enjoy your free time you will need to get around. I have covered renting a motorbike in Thailand. If you are staying a while it only makes sense to purchase one. Best and easiest choice is new; you could get a second hand one and navigate the registration, good luck! Buying new the dealer will do all the work, use it for a year and you can sell it easily for 70% Cost new around $1200. Other basics include bed linen, count on around $100 for something decent.

I know people that can survive without even making coffee at home, I cannot. As you may have noticed a lot of my daily entries refer to groceries been able to eat what I want, when I want, is very important to me. I just don�t do well on rice and noodles 14 times a week, a few times is cool. Eating western foods in local restaurants will add a few hundred dollars monthly to your budget, and it may not be as good as you can do yourself for a � of the price. A hot plate and basic stuff to allow you to eat at home can be found easily and cheaply, as most is made in Thailand. $200 should easily cover the setup.

If you�re working online, sitting on the end of a bed crouching over a laptop is not the best setup. My extra expenses have included a decent desk, chair and a second screen; none of the three were particularly expensive or cheap just shop around like in the west. Cost for having a perfect working environment $500 Once your over looking at temples, waterfalls and 4 people on a motorbike, you may start to ask your self what next? I started cycling again, maybe you prefer the gym the Meridian here in Chiang Rai costs around $30 a month.
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