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During the 31 days:

I will be adding daily examples of costs in Chiang Rai Thailand, pictures and facts, I will also cover the more general aspect's of setting up in Thailand for an extended amount of time from A-Z.
During the course of (31 pages - days) the topics listed below will be covered, with many others.
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Living with a larger budget, and long term rentals

Townhouse in Chalong Phuket

Day 16: Living in Thailand

Opening a Thai Bank account is simple, they do whack you hard with the fees if you move out of state / province. What you will get as a westerner is a savings account with a debit card, technically tourist�s cant get accounts, its more about each individual bank and the person running the show, friends help.

  • Lunch 25 Baht - 85cts
  • Bank fees 30 Baht - $1.00
Total for the day: 55 Baht $1.85 - Total Remaining: 3,000 Baht

downstairs of a townhouse in Chalong 2 bed 2.5 bath with jacuzzi Chalong 2 bed town house Chalong master bed

Leasing a house and 6 month rentals.
This month long account of expenses and experiences is primarily designed for those people wishing to stay in Thailand for an extended period of time, on a budget that is less than $500 per month. During my time in Thailand I have had the chance to live with a much larger budget for extended periods.

Today we will look at those who have a budget in excess of $1,500 per month, still not a lot by western standards. In Thailand you can live extremely well with 45,0000 Baht a month, "this does not include alcohol" as the skies the limit when you throw in everything else associated with alcohol in Thailand.

A 2-bedroom house can easily be rented on Phuket for around $600 a month, the one pictured today cost exactly that and was the one I rented for 6 months. Utilities are going to set you back around $150 a month including high speed internet, international cable TV. A car can be rented or bought for around $300 a month; cars are one of the few things foreigners can easily get credit on. Standard lease terms include minimum 6 months, 1st second and last, 3 months up front to move in. As you can see your basic costs are around $1000 on Phuket. The rental costs anywhere else will drop by at least 33% and in some places up to 70% a friend here in Chiang Rai has a 6 bed 2 year old unfurnished place 20k outside of town for $240 a month.

You could go it alone and deal direct, in Phuket I would recommend using an agency that I have used, they have lots of choice and are easy to work with House in Phuket. Other provinces have agents, none have much of a selection though. In Phuket you pay for the convenience of been able to arrive and install within a few hours, with no language barriers or lack of western conveniences and food.

Neale Goldingay   Continue Reading Day : Summary of week two expenses.

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