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Ancient Sukho Thai and weekend town Hua Hin.

Bangkok get away Hua Hin beach

Day 27: Living in Thailand

Today is the day I finally resigned to the fact that I will go over budget even if it is only a little and will still be well under the magical $500 figure. I have never cleaned the motorbike myself, as the cost is insanely cheap. It�s been about three months and needing doing badly. Not needing it whilst in town for a few hours made it an easy choice to get done today.

  • Motor-Bike Wash 100 Baht - $3.35
  • Gas 100 Baht - $3.35
  • Lunch 140 Baht - $4.70
  • Coffee "expresso" 50 Baht - $1.70
Total for the day: 390 Baht $13.10 - Total Remaining: -115 Baht.

Elephant getting a wash down sign banning Durian in hotel Neale at temples in Sukho Thai

Beach town Hua Hin and historic Sukho Thai central Thailand
Just below Bangkok is a small costal town called Hua Hin it is a favorite with the residents of Bangkok who want to get away for the weekend and can afford to do so. It has a large community of expats. In some ways, one could describe it as a mini Phuket everything that one could consider western is provided for. Due to it being a weekend town catering to Bangkok�s rich it is definitely a place that night owls may like. Situated on the ocean you can also enjoy a semblance of beach life, though it may be a little harder to find long stretches of beaches with out tourists. I only stayed a night and was pretty much unimpressed due to the fact it reminded me so much of the worst of Phuket.

The next day I rode straight up to Sukho Thai, a 650k trip and my longest ever, one day stretch on a bike. I had read a lot about this town before leaving America and earmarked it, as somewhere to hang out for a while, I was not disappointed and found it to be one of the better towns I have stayed in. It does have a trickle of tourists coming through, which meant that I was able to easily find a wide array of restaurants serving western food and good cheap short-term accommodation was in abundance, apart from been stuck in the middle of Thailand it struck me as a good place to stay a few weeks and get to know better. The other lasting memory I have of Sukho Thai is "HOT" I wont go out if the temp drops below 60F / 15.5C so hot is not something I have ever had to worry about, been in the flatlands of Thailand it has to be one of the hottest places in Thailand for a few months each year. If you're looking for a truly Thai existence, take a week or two in Sukho Thai to learn more about it, two days just wasn�t enough for me to really get a good handle on the town as a place to setup in.

Neale Goldingay   Continue Reading Day 28: Laid back Pai and big city Chiang Mai.

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