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Choosing a motorbike to get around.

going off road with a honda wave in Thailand

Day 14: Living in Thailand

Today lunch my favorite Khao Soi it�s one of the few dishes that resemble a western dish and ends up been something I default to often because of that, it also includes a trip into town getting me out.

  • Lunch 25 Baht - 85cts
  • Groceries 50 Baht - $1.70
Total for the day: 75 Baht $2.55 - Total Remaining: 3,340 Baht

road trip to Malaysia from Phuket back roads in Phuket with a Honda Wave exploring the mountains in Thailand

Transportation and getting around.
In Thailand you are going to need transportation, without it you are going to be so restricted I can assure you it will not be fun. The only exception been is if you live in Bangkok. Thais will look at you funny if your walking "crazy farang" farang is the name for all westerners and is something you will here daily.

The most common form of transportation is a small motorbike you will see them everywhere. You are going to find two basic types automatic and semi automatic. 80% of the bikes are the "step thru" no clutch but has gears, these are what the Thai�s prefer as they go forever and can go anywhere, even off road and up impossible mountain tracks. Rental bikes are normally automatic allowing tourists to easily adapt. Both type�s range in power from 110 cc to 135 cc this is why they are called "small motor bikes" and not scooters. Even though they are small the engine size allows them to go easily up to 70 mph. On arriving it is best to rent a few different ones to see what you like. The automatics are really not safe off road because of the wheel size.

It�s difficult to explain just how dangerous these machines can be. For myself I find traveling on two wheels here to be the safest of any country I have ever lived in as the whole population is wired too spending time on two wheels. I personally have probably spent 10s of thousands of hours on a bicycle before arriving here with a lot of those been racing hours so for me this place is heaven.

Two tips that are weird to Asia:
1: A car coming towards you flashing its lights, means:
"I�m coming thru no matter what, get out of the way"
2: Never pull away from a traffic light fast if you are in the front. This is because here they have figured out rightly, that if you�re on the front line you can make the turn easily before the other side arrives.

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