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During the 31 days:

I will be adding daily examples of costs in Chiang Rai Thailand, pictures and facts, I will also cover the more general aspect's of setting up in Thailand for an extended amount of time from A-Z.
During the course of (31 pages - days) the topics listed below will be covered, with many others.
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Dating in Thailand and the Culture.

thai culture and dating

Day 31: Living in Thailand

Today brings us to the end of documenting a month in Chiang Rai and the costs involved in living here decently. I had aimed to stay under $400 for the month as a challenge to my self and to show what standard of living that offers. Tomorrow I will sum up the month and explain why I believe $400 is a challenge but possible.

  • Border run 500 Baht - $16.80
  • Gas 90 Baht - $3.00
  • Breakfast 70 Baht - $2.35
Total for the day: 660 Baht $22.15 - Total Remaining: -1445 Baht.

thais in local dress statues in a local temple Thai Couple making Wai greeting

Don't start a fight in Thailand
Thai people are extremely accommodating, and do not expect you to have any concept of their culture therefore you are unlikely to have any problems should you make a mistake. On the other hand if you take the time to learn some of the most basic Thai phrases, hello, thank you, do you speak English? And learn the correct way to greet people using the wai. a whole new world will open up for you.

The only thing that can get you in to serious trouble is stupid confrontational behavior. Raising your voice is just not ok; you will just get nothing done. Fighting or anything that comes close will get you a serious beating; this is because any Thai in the vicinity will come to aide the other. This includes going over to help some girl who is been dragged around by her Thai boyfriend, she will turn on you also.

Dating in Thailand is pretty much the same as the west, the same characteristics that you would look for in a partner back home, apply here. The few differences are as follows. In the west a percentage of women are looking for a "rich husband" the same is true here. The difference is that if like me, you�re just an average Joe back home, those types of girls would not give you a minute. Here in Asia you suddenly become rich by local standards, been tall and a westerner you�re easy to spot.

I see a lot of idiots that presume all Thai women would give their right arm, to find a rich westerner and be able to emigrate to the west; nothing is farther than the truth 99% of Thai people are quite happy and would never consider dating someone, who they can not communicate with. Been close to family is very important also. Another common problem I hear is, the difference in diet been too great.

Continue Reading: Final summary of the month and costs.

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