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I will be adding daily examples of costs in Chiang Rai Thailand, pictures and facts, I will also cover the more general aspect's of setting up in Thailand for an extended amount of time from A-Z.
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Other great places to live in Northern Thailand.

Hua Hin

Day 28: Living in Thailand

With yesterday�s final resignation to the fact, I will fail on living in Chiang Rai for a month on $400 a month. I decided to let up on myself and head on out for a nice Italian dinner for two, the same thing back in the west would cost around $40.00.

  • Dinner for two 260 Baht - $8.75
Total for the day: 260 Baht $8.75 - Total Remaining: -375 Baht.

international cuisine in Chiang Mai Old vespas in Chiang Mai sign in a bar in Chiang Mai 'no guns allowed'

Pai and Chiang Mai, advantage's and disadvantage's
I have visited Chang Mai three times now, the most recent been just a few weeks ago. The first two times had me shaking my head asking why so many people rave about the place, it is true that Chiang Mai is lacking in nothing, it has a much to offer as any large western city. On my third visit I started to like it a little, the only reason I can see that my view is changing, is I�m more comfortable in Thailand now, everything is pretty easy nothing seems so difficult any more, I can find my way around, ask questions and find pretty much anything I need where people speak Thai. I�m now in Bangkok as I write this and even Bangkok, now seems to be quite manageable.

If your coming to Thailand for the first time without knowing a soul either in Bangkok or Chiang Mai like any large city worldwide they will be difficult to settle into, and expensive. With friends in either or having stayed in Thailand for quite some time first I can see the attraction of these two cities now.

The small town of Pai was a favorite with hippies many years back, that initial branding seems to have stuck, and it is still a favorite amongst the younger backpacking crowd, looking for a cheap out of the way place to chill and party.

I liked Pai and stayed about a week there. The first few days I was impressed with the choice of accommodation and food, after a few days I was done, it is a very small. If you're looking for small village to live in Pai could work, accommodation is plentiful and cheap, no problems with language, nearly all types of Western food that you can think of are available in the many different restaurants. No supermarkets though, just a couple of 7/11s. Chiang Mai, been the nearest place to stock up.

Neale Goldingay   Continue Reading Day 29: Settling on Chiang Rai finding a place to live.

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